Adelle’s final note for 2017

Adelle’s final note for 2017

Just a personal note from me with thanks for your warm welcome to the school over the past term. I feel very privileged to be part of a wonderful school community that cares about our learners and each other, and that is always ready to chip in to make the school experience even better. As I head off on parental leave for the next three terms, I leave the school in the very capable hands of Luana Carroll, our talented staff, and the very committed Board of Trustees. I won’t be entirely disappearing for the year, and I do look forward to returning properly at the beginning of 2018. Adelle

John Reynold’s Farewell

On behalf of all of Roseneath School we want to thank everyone who contributed to making John’s farewell so special. It was a fantastic evening and a wonderful way to share and celebrate with John, who has given so much to this school over the past 20 years. It is always so lovely to see so many past and present students and their whanau. Thank you all!

HMS Canterbury

Last week all of Roseneath School got the amazing opportunity to go onboard the HMNZS Canterbury to watch the pantomime ‘Commander Claire and the Pirates Pirates of Provence’. This was to coincide with the celebrations for the Navy’s 75th Anniversary this year. A rare opportunity for us all! img_0822 img_0859-2 img_0826img_0803

Year 5 and 6 Car Wash at Z Petrol Station

On Saturday 29th October the Year 5 and 6’s held their annual fundraiser for camp. We washed about 60 cars on Saturday with the help of parents and students. We all pitched in and had a fantastic time, even though the rain got us a few times! We made close to $700.00 dollars for our days work which will make a real difference to the cost of our school camp. We would also like to thank Z in Constable street for their generous support. dsc04621 img_1632 img_3113 dsc04644 dsc04647 dsc04636 dsc04633

St John – Emergency Responder Programme

In week one TLB were very fortunate to participate in the St John Emergency Responder programme. We focused on DRSABCD:
  • Dangers
  • Response
  • Send for help
  • Airway
  • Breathing
  • Commence CPR
  • Defibrillation
All students then learnt how to do adult CPR. We used the tune of ‘row, row, row your boat’ to keep time as we administer CPR.    


Water Cycle

This week in TLB we have been learning how to desalinate salt water so that we can drink it. The students have being experimenting how this process might work.  They realised they could use the knowledge that they had gained from the previous weeks water cycle process to help them to do this. Come in an have a look at our experiments. You may even be able to try the water!