RASC was established in 2007 by the Coordinator who was a registered Primary school teacher.

The RASC staff team are committed to giving friendly, individual attention to the children in a safe, positive environment.

A core group of regular children and the team of stable, committed staff provide consistency and stability in the programme.

RASC 2019 Information and Enrolment Form

RASC Service Information

RASC Enrolment form, 2019













Do your work demands and commitments create the need for quality child care?

Simply register and enrol with RASC for the term and your child will be well cared for under careful supervision.

RASC is a small, fun OSCAR programme for children from Roseneath School. It offers healthy afternoon tea, structured homework support and supervised activities or play.

This service operates in the Roseneath School hall, Monday to Friday, 3 – 6pm (excluding school and public holidays).



Forms are available below. They can be returned to the RASC Supervisor or the School office.

Fees / session (3-6pm) / child

Regular booking 1 child $25 incl. GST
Regular booking 2 siblings $45 incl. GST
Regular booking 3 siblings $65 incl. GST

RASC a/c number: 38-9007-0456474-00 (include name as reference)  

All inquiries

Contact RASC Coordinator, Pyar

Mobile: 027 689 8845

Lunch Orders

Hell’s Pizza is available on Wednesdays and Thaitara Thai (formerly Ban Mai Thai) is available on Fridays.
All can be ordered at school or via email. Yr 7 & 8 Students will be at the office waiting to take the orders on Tuesdays (the day prior) for Hell’s Pizza and Thursdays (the day prior) for Thaitara Thai.
Gluten and dairy free are available. The Thai food has no MSG, can be made without any egg and the fried rice is gluten free
You can email me at to place an order.
Alternatively you could place an order for the whole week or place a standing order for the whole term by emailing me.
We allow I.O.U.s from parents; they can be paid that afternoon or the next morning. We also allow for internet banking as long as the reference is ‘Lunches” and paid to the school account 020560 0035404 00. If you order by email then you could fill in the appropriate form below by copying and pasting it to me and identifying the choices.

The School Day

Classes begin at 9:00am and final bell at 3:00pm.


10:30 – 10:50am:  Students eat in their own room (Exceptions for some classes with children who have allergies)



at 3:00pm


Behind the hall and top of drive beyond house fence is out of bounds. Students are to stay within the fence line. Only Yr4 -8 allowed on front bank – saluting base – must stay within fence line. Students not to use climbing apparatus in wet weather.


12:30 – 1:30pm:  Students to eat in their own room (Exceptions for some classes with children who have allergies).  On a wet lunch hour Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri. students will go to House groups at 1.00pm.


Cultural Assembly held on Friday mornings 9.05- 9.45. Parents/Caregivers most welcome.


In our School –

  • We walk in classrooms and corridors.
  • Ball games are played outside.
  • We solve problems peacefully by talking things through.
    We call people by proper names.
  • We ask permission of the owner before using other’s property.
  • We put rubbish and other waste in the approved place.
  • We clean up after ourselves.
  • We encourage people when they are trying.
  • We treat others as we would like them to treat us.
  • We sit down to eat our lunch in the appropriate places in the classroom.
  • We look after things we use at school.



Stationery can be purchased from the school office between 9.00 – 12.00pm.


The Board of Trustees meets monthly. Board meetings are open and parents and caregivers are welcome to attend. A staff representative is elected to the Board of Trustees by the staff.


The Year 7&8 children are bused off site once a week for technicraft training. This is a compulsory part of the curriculum. The Board of Trustees receives adirect grant for a portion of the costs of this programme. There is a charge toparents for the consumable items used in this programme. The actual costing ofthe programme is calculated by the Centre providing the service.


As the school does not have a pool, we use the facilities at the Kilbirnie Aquatic Centre. A swimming programme is scheduled for at least one teaching block ayear and the children will be bused to the pool. The details of the swimming programme will be published in a newsletter at the appropriate time.
Swimming is a compulsory part of the physical education programme and allchildren are expected to participate.