A vibrant, inclusive school community where children love to learn


Our graduate profile describes the qualities and capabilities we aim to foster and develop during each child’s eight years at Roseneath School. We want every student to leave Roseneath School as a confident, connected, actively involved, life-long learner


  • A resilient risk-taker
  • Motivated and strives for excellence
  • Confident in their identity, langauge and culture
  • Values and respects diversity
  • Physically active with an appreciation of a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle

Actively Involved 

  • Seizes opportunities offered at school
  • Empathetic, treats others with respect, tolerance and kindness
  • Able to act with integrity
  • A collaborative worker, capable of being a leader and a member of a group
  • An effective communicator, confident in a range of contexts and with a range of communication modes.


  • Able to relate well to others
  • Optimistic, future-focused and globally aware
  • Has a strong and positive sense of who they are and where they belong
  • Establishes and maintains positive relationships
  • Connected to the land and environment
  • A confident, creative, critical and connected user of information
  • An effective user of communication tools

Life-long learner

  • Confident in themselves as a learner and knows how to learn
  • Possesses core academic skills
  • An active seeker, user and creator of knowledge


At Roseneath School we:

Honour our Treaty and recognise the unique place of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in New Zealand law

Have a Board that is accountable for the performance of our school, and committed to being culturally responsive.

Understand and adhere to our Roseneath School protocol/tikanga, and promote this gently through modelling and dialogue

Value te reo me ngā tikanga Māori as part of our everyday learning experience and strive to develop our knowledge of te reo me ngā tikanga Māori at all levels of the school (Board, community, staff and students)

Show respect to Te Ao Māori, for example by standing proudly when reciting our pepeha and karakia and when performing waiata, developing our kapa haka skills, and striving to pronounce te reo Māori correctly

Participate in the powhiri process as tangata whenua or manuhiri

Acknowledge, learn about and celebrate key events in Te Ao Māori, including Matariki, and we include stories, waiata and activities that promote and celebrate te Ao Maori in our classroom programmes

Are committed to developing a mini powhiri for new students, teachers, families.

Weave the concept of Ako throughout our school curriculum through a variety of structures and experiences, such as Tuakana-Teina, Houses, families as experts, and reciprocal learning opportunities

Encourage all of our learners to share their learning in different ways, and encourage our community to participate in and celebrate our learning

Have high expectations for the learning progress and achievement of all of our students, including our Maori students, Pasifika students, and students from diverse cultural backgrounds

Focus on knowing our learners, learning about and celebrating their unique cultural identity, language and culture

Actively build learning-focused partnerships with families, and strive to create opportunities for families to participate in their childrens’ learning, including whānau sharing their aspirations for their children


In August 2017 the Board, Principal and Acting Principal met together to plan the charter consultation process. We valued the input and marketing expertise from members of the community to guide our consultation process. In September all Roseneath families were invited to provide feedback about our current mission statement, values, and how our school operates. The feedback was in the form of closed and open survey questions and close to 50% of our community provided written responses. In the middle of October, a representative working group analysed the responses, and drafted the Mission Statement and values. At the end of October the Roseneath School community was invited to participate in a Charter Consultation Hui where we presented the draft Mission Statement and values, and we held robust discussions. In early November the Board of Trustees synthesised the input from the community consultation meeting and crafted the strategic goals. In early 2018 the staff had input into crafting the action plan and achievement targets.

This Charter will be reviewed in November 2020