HMS Canterbury

Last week all of Roseneath School got the amazing opportunity to go onboard the HMNZS Canterbury to watch the pantomime ‘Commander Claire and the Pirates Pirates of Provence’. This was to coincide with the celebrations for the Navy’s 75th Anniversary this year. A rare opportunity for us all! img_0822 img_0859-2 img_0826img_0803


Hi parents, Geocaching is essentially a giant treasure hunt played out on a Global scale. It involves a lot of orienteering skills, a fun way of exploring the world around us while at the same time learning some valuable skills – such as map reading, problem solving and logical thinking. I have set a homework task this week that the kids can choose to do, but if they are going to undertake this then they will need some support. It may be something that you decide to do as a family in the weekend rather than tackling during the week. There are a few rules around Geocaching that you need to be aware of:
  1. Make sure you take an item to leave in the cache if you are planning on taking something out of it. The idea is to SWAP, not TAKE.
  2. Do not take the cache with you, simply open it and sign the log to prove you have found it.
  3. Make sure you respect the natural environment around you. Geocaching can take you to some pretty cool places!
Have a look at the video on this website – there is also a link that you can follow to get the app on your smartphone (Free App) Happy hunting!

Year 5 and 6 Car Wash at Z Petrol Station

On Saturday 29th October the Year 5 and 6’s held their annual fundraiser for camp. We washed about 60 cars on Saturday with the help of parents and students. We all pitched in and had a fantastic time, even though the rain got us a few times! We made close to $700.00 dollars for our days work which will make a real difference to the cost of our school camp. We would also like to thank Z in Constable street for their generous support. dsc04621 img_1632 img_3113 dsc04644 dsc04647 dsc04636 dsc04633

St John – Emergency Responder Programme

In week one TLB were very fortunate to participate in the St John Emergency Responder programme. We focused on DRSABCD:
  • Dangers
  • Response
  • Send for help
  • Airway
  • Breathing
  • Commence CPR
  • Defibrillation
All students then learnt how to do adult CPR. We used the tune of ‘row, row, row your boat’ to keep time as we administer CPR.    


Beginning of Term 4

So far this term we have had fun marbling material for fabric art, started writing narratives for the younger children in the school, practising our athletic skills and researching about water.