Term 2

We have had a very settled, focused start to the term.  We have been very lucky with the weather and have practised Cross Country every morning so far.  Their fitness is improving as we lengthen the time each day.  Our self portraits are now all finished and will be up on the wall in the classroom soon.  The class has started working on ideas for our part in the ‘Science’ Production – lots of great creative movement during our dance sessions last week.  

Liquid Experiments



Upper Deck have been making hypotheses and observing what happens when oil and water are put together.  Then they chose another liquid they wanted to mix with oil and again made a hypothesis and observed what happened.  After both experiments, they explained why they thought this happened.

 Pencil Portraits

This is an example of the portraits we did of another class member.  Now, Upper Deck are working on their Rita Angus inspired self portraits in pastel.  Look out for these soon.

Upper Deck 2017

Hello and Welcome to Upper Deck.

After 4 weeks of renovations, we have finally settled into our classroom.  We are now into our third week of being back in Upper Deck.  We have our class treaty written and the class values decided on.  We have been on a trip to the Portrait Gallery and City and Sea Museum as motivation for our Rita Angus inspired portraits.  We have carried out experiments and close observations and written explanations based around out Nature of Science unit.  Next week, on Tuesday 21 March, we will be visiting the Bug Lab at Te Papa as part of this.

We are well into our Swimming Programme on Thursdays at the Aquatic Centre.  However, there is no swimming for the next 2 weeks.  So this week we are having our School Tabloids at Crawford Green which is organised by our Year 7 and 8s.

The new corridor and break-out rooms look great and give the school a fresh and airy feel.  

Kind regards


Upper Deck


Year 5 and 6 Car Wash at Z Petrol Station

On Saturday 29th October the Year 5 and 6’s held their annual fundraiser for camp. We washed about 60 cars on Saturday with the help of parents and students. We all pitched in and had a fantastic time, even though the rain got us a few times! We made close to $700.00 dollars for our days work which will make a real difference to the cost of our school camp. We would also like to thank Z in Constable street for their generous support.

Beginning of Term 4

So far this term we have had fun marbling material for fabric art, started writing narratives for the younger children in the school, practising our athletic skills and researching about water.