After School Care

Tukaha Out of School Programme

We are delighted to announce that Stacey and Michaela Clyde have taken over the licence for our after school care programme, as of the beginning of Term 3, 2020.

The programme will be named ‘Tukaha Out of School Programme’. Tukaha means ‘stand strong’; empowering our children to be confident, independent and positive.

You can now enrol your child/ren online.

You can contact Stacey and Michaela directly on

Phone contacts:
Stacey 0272209696
Drew 0272966684


A number of our students have food allergies. We have procedures in place to support the management of these allergies, and families are encouraged to meet with school staff to discuss specific health management plans such as epi-pen storage. Students eat in class, and wash hands before and after eating. If students have food that a classmate is allergic to, they move to another classroom to eat.


Cultural Assembly is held on Friday mornings from 9.05- 9.45. Parents and/or caregivers are most welcome.

Behaviour expectations

Class and school behaviour expectations are taught and reinforced throughout the year. 

Our behaviour expectations come back to our school values: 

At Roseneath:

We believe in ourselves

We are curious and creative

We strive in our learning

We are kind and respectful

From time to time our children need extra help to follow our school behaviour expectations, in class or in the playground. Usual consequences include a time-out (supervised time away from peers) and a conversation about what they need to do to restore the situation. If necessary we will include parents in these conversations to help promote positive behaviour. 

Board of Trustees (BOT)

The BOT is comprised of 5 elected members, a staff representative, the Principal and such co-opted members as the Board sees necessary.

The BOT has the prime role of governing the school. This involves:

  • Approving all expenditure;
  • formulating and adopting policies under which the school will be managed;
  • approving the appointment of all permanent teaching staff; and
  • monitoring the effectiveness of the service provided by the school.


The BOT usually meets the second Monday of the month in terms 1 and 4, and the second Tuesday of the month in terms 2 and 3. Parents and caregivers are welcome to attend but may be asked to leave if the Board has to move into Committee.

Learn more.

Digital Devices (ICT)

We have a range of digital devices in all of our classes across the school. 

Students from Years 4-8 can also ‘Bring their own Device’ (BYOD), as long as it is an iPad mini, an iPad or a Chromebook. All students who BYOD sign a Digital Citizenship Agreement.

Donations and contributions

Roseneath School is a Decile 10 school which means that we receive the minimum amount of Government funding to run our school. These funds are sufficient to cover the core infrastructure and operations of the school. Beyond this, the school has to meet its own needs. We are very fortunate that the school has the support of its community. More than a quarter of our operating revenue comes from the school community through parent donations and fundraising. Guidelines have recently changed around how we communicate other requests for your financial support- including for our Education Outside of the Classroom (EOTC) experiences such as trips and activities, and digital subscriptions for learning programmes like Mathletics and Spelling City. You will see these itemised on your Contribution Request. As a school we believe that these activities and opportunities are an important part of the broad learning experience that your child receives at our school, and we really appreciate your ongoing support so that they can continue.

Emergency Management

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to provide a small container of emergency supplies (food, emergency blanket) for situations where they are unable to collect their child straight away following an emergency. We have more detailed information available – please ask your child’s class teacher or at the office for a copy of this information if you have not already received it.  

As a school we regularly review our emergency procedures. We practise fire and earthquake drills each term. From time to time we will also carry out a full evacuation rehearsal to ensure we are prepared for an emergency.

Friends - Parents Fundraising Committee

We have a vibrant and hard-working committee that raises funds and plans social family events throughout the year. As a small school, our parents contribute a lot of time and resources in order for our school community to be successful. We need your support more than ever as we receive less funding from the Ministry because of our decile rating.  Check our website, follow us on Facebook, and keep an eye out on our school newsletter for more information about how you can participate.


Children at Roseneath School are placed in a House team. House teams meet regularly and participate in activities such as school sports. 


We are lucky to have a well-resourced library. Students have regular class visits to the library, and the library is also open several lunch times a week. Senior student volunteers are carefully trained as monitors to issue, renew and return books.

Lost property

We have a collection which is displayed regularly for children to reclaim their property. If you know your child has lost an item of clothing, please ask to see our collection! Named items are much easier to return to their owners.

Lunch orders

We currently have lunch orders available on Tuesdays (O’Sushi), Wednesdays (Hell Pizza) and Fridays (Pita Pit). These lunch orders are a source of fundraising for our school. You can order Hell Pizza through the office, and O’Sushi and Pita Pit are available to purchase through our Kindo app.

Kindo app

You are able to register through the Kindo app to be able to see and pay for all of your school payments (such as camp costs, donation requests and lunch orders).


We share student learning and achievement, upcoming events and other information in our newsletter. We email this to you, or you can request a paper copy. A copy of the newsletter is also available to read in our school foyer and online.

Parent help and visitors

We appreciate the help and support that our Roseneath community provide. Many of our Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) activities could not happen without adults accompanying us. We welcome parents and other visitors to support classroom learning; reading with junior children, sharing specific areas of expertise, supporting class activities etc. Please contact class teachers and/or senior management if you are available to support learning in any way- we would love to hear from you!


We have carefully defined spaces for students to play in, and communicate rules around safe places and ways to play in our assemblies and in class. Our children can all play in any of our play spaces- they are not assigned to different age groups. Behind the school hall and the top of the drive is out of bounds. From time to time our Year 4-8 students are allowed to play near the saluting base within the fenceline with adult supervision. Our playground equipment is closed when the weather is wet. Our duty teachers rove and monitor playground behaviour and safety.

Reports and Conferences

We know the importance of strong parent-school partnerships to support your child’s learning and we have a range of ways of communicating your child’s progress with you. Written progress reports and sample folders are sent home at the end of Term 2 and  4.

Parents, teachers and students meet together in Term 1 and in the middle of the year to discuss student progress and to set new goals. 

You are welcome to meet with your child’s class teacher throughout the year to discuss your child’s progress and how you can help at home. Please make a time with them to do so. 



We will have Stationery Lists available at the end of the year for their next year’s class. You can purchase the stationery yourself, or order it (partially or in full) through the office. Any exercise books that have not been filled the previous year can be used in Term 1 of the next year.

Student council

Our Student Council is made up of representatives from each class. They meet together regularly to discuss issues and solutions, and to think of ways to improve our school.

Sun safety

Roseneath School is a Sunsafe School. This means that students must wear hats that cover their faces, ears and neck when outside during Terms 1 and 4. If they do not have a sunsafe hat, students must stay in a designated indoor or shady area. We have sunsafe Roseneath hats available to purchase through the school office.


As the school does not have a pool, we use the facilities at Berhampore School (junior classes) and Kilbirnie Aquatic Centre (senior classes). A swimming programme is scheduled for at least one teaching block per year and the children will be bused to the pool. The details of the swimming programme will be published in a newsletter at the appropriate time.
Swimming is a compulsory part of the physical education programme and all children are expected to participate.

Technicraft Training

Year 7 and 8 children are bused off-site once a week for Technicraft training. This is a compulsory part of the curriculum. The Board of Trustees receives a direct grant for a portion of the costs of this programme. There is a charge to parents for the consumable items used in this programme. The actual costing of the programme is calculated by the Centre providing the service.

The School Day

Classes begin at 9:00am.


10:30 – 10:50am:  Students eat in their own classroom (exceptions for some classes with children who have allergies).


12:30 – 1:30pm:  Students to eat in their own classroom (Exceptions for some classes with children who have allergies).  On a wet lunch hour Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri. students will go to House groups at 1.00pm.


is at 3:00pm.


Friends of Roseneath (our fundraising group) have commercially printed Roseneath School T-Shirts available for sale from the school office for $28 each. These are perfect for everyday wear, but also for those students representing our school in a sports team.


We welcome visitors to our school to support and enhance our learning programmes. If you are visiting, please sign in at the office, and wear a visitor’s lanyard. There have recently been changes to the guidelines for those working with children and we adhere to these guidelines with all workers in our school setting.